Holiday in Dubai? Check in at Qamardeen Hotel

Located at Emaar Boulevard, The Old Town, Downtown Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Only one word can best describe the experience you share at Qamardeen Hotel Dubai; unforgettable. It offers a treasured experience to anyone and everyone who checks in singles, as a couple, family or in Dubai town for business.

Ranked number 23 out of 440 top rated Dubai hotels, this posh and chic hotel offers contemporary accommodation with a catalogue of amenities to the client. It’s tucked deep in the heart of Dubai in the freshly renovated ‘Old Town’ District and has it’s proximities to;

-The Dubai Mall

-Souk al Bahar

-The Dubai Fountain,

-Burj Khalifa

-Dubai International Financial center.

As you arrive in your Taxi or car rental, Qamardeen Hotel Dubai will welcome you to an inspired Arabian architecture with natural palm trees at the front beckoning you to take a step forward. Perhaps the best arrival time is in the evening with the night lights lining the roof top, looking like something from an Arabian fairy tale.

However, the entire fun is found on the inside. This Dubai 4 star hotel deserves its rates for creating an ambient atmosphere of contemporary furnishing draped with quality Arabian fabrics. Talk of space and you get a sweeping 186 spacious modern fashioned rooms; counting both guest rooms and suites.

As a 4 star hotel, this Dubai hotel will startle you by the high levels of hospitality to be found. The staff gives you a warm welcome and offers a free guest room to stay in while they prepare your book-in room.

Once you unlock the door to your room, it gives you a sneak peak of the outdoor temperature controlled pool. The inside shower experience is equally fantastic, a clean, polished and well maintained glass-walled space with hot and cold water running.

Every guest is treated to their own modern amenities in the room. Beside the fast and 24 hour WI-FI connection, you also get your private coffee maker, air conditioning, hair dryer, a laptop compatible safe and a 32 inch LCD screen all to yourself.

This 4 star hotel invests in Egyptian high end cotton sheets, down comforters and down blankets. Let’s not forget there is a free newspaper delivery as long as you stay there and a garden of premium TV channels to flip through; and free movie channels to keep you busy.

The outside space within the confining walls of the hotel is equally intriguing. Besides offering a romantic ambience for couples and holiday experience for families, this Dubai Hotel is also a serene haven to conduct business.

It houses several conference rooms for corporate meetings plus an outside WI-FI hotspot just in case you want to take your business outside the comfort of your room. There is an outside café where you can hold coffee talks plus a well stalked bar for an after refreshment when you seal those corporate deals with clients.

Transport to the outside Dubai is available which comprises of shuttles, car rentals, taxi and exclusive Limo services if you can spend an extra dollar. Speaking of charges, clients to this hotel find it quite amazing to pay a mid-range price and still get all the amenities and extra services offered by the hotel.

With ready transport to take you anywhere you want, venturing out to the buzzed life of Dubai is the best way to catch photo moments during your stay.

Dubai Mall is just minutes away where you can stop by, in time for the Dubai Festival. It is said that Dubai Mall is the largest shopping area worldwide boasting of 1200 retail stores and dozens of entertainment spots for revelers.

And if you thought you have seen the pick of Dubai with the Mall, then it’s time you drive to Burj Festival; the tallest building in the world. You need your camera ready for first hand footages of the Arabian taste in quality Architecture. Just make sure you get around the magnificent skyscraper around the festive seasons to witness the breathtaking fireworks show towering up to the tip of tower.

You should never complete your holiday in Dubai without visiting the Dubai Fountain. Just wait till night fall and stand near the Burj Khalifa. Below this pristine skyscraper is one of the best choreographed fountain water system that sends jets of water drops to the atmosphere as visitors awe at the astounding beauty.

Everything about the city of Dubai is sheer beauty; from the amazing shopping malls, modern entertainment spots to the fantasies of the Dubai fountain. It all happens in this world class Arabian country, but make sure you first have your booking at Qamardeen Hotel Dubai to salvage the experience.